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I just met a special person and he's going on a trip: what can I do
We just met someone and just decided to go on a trip, just when you thought it was the person in your life has to leave, and inside sure you think it looks like bad luck or a joke of fate, but the truth is that your relationship Couple does not have to be destined to fail.
It is said that the most beautiful of a courtship is the beginning, which is when more time you should share, which is when more details must be ..., but do not believe that this has to be so because in a relationship you never have to miss none of these premises.

If your partner is going on a trip and you have been here for a short time, the most important thing is that you support them in their decision
When a relationship is remote it is very important that you keep the flame alive and that the illusion never be missed, no, that is why I want to say that there will not be bad times because there will be bad times, and many more than you should, but you have to be very strong and be prepared, because it will not be easy ... But who does not like difficult things?
If your partner is going to take a trip and you have not known for a long time, the most important thing of all is that you support him in his decision, he thinks that this option he took before knowing you, that it can be one of his biggest dreams, and that for any person is super important to have someone who admire you, and above all, who supports you in each of the steps you take in your life, because it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful symbols of love there is. The main thing is that you wish your partner the best in his trip, that you do not try to keep him under any concept and that you try to see him as often as possible so that you grow as a couple, that you give up all your hope, illusion and love in this trip so that everything goes in the best way. Therefore, we leave you some tips so you can see if you can.
Relationship at a distance  When a relationship begins to be built from a distance, think that it is much easier to deal with than if you have a time with your partner and you get a job or some other issue that you have to deal with. leave the city where you are currently living.
So although easy is not going to be, you are already a point ahead. The most important thing in a relationship of this kind is that there is a lot of magic, that there is always a lot of desire, because while always hope for the reunion everything else will come alone.
Talk about things  It is a relationship at a distance communication is very important, it is one of the main issues that you should always keep in mind. If in a relationship without distance it has a super relevant role, in a distance it is paramount.
The most important thing in long distance relationships is communication
You have to always talk, show your feelings, make see things that bother you, with which you are not comfortable, define well the limits that can be exceeded and which can not, if you build a relationship at a distance about communication, everything will go smoothly . Think that currently you have much easier than in the past, because thanks to new technologies you have a step ahead in your relationship, daily communication is very simple thanks to this.
? We will get along well?  This is usually one of the main questions that arise before the other person embarks on his journey, "we will take it well ?, and is that first of all we must be positive and have hope because as the saying goes, this has to be the last one you lose.
And although it is true that sometimes love can not do everything, it is important that you have a lot of confidence in one another because without confidence building a relationship remotely is going to become almost impossible, so you always have to give a vote of trust to the other person, that if clearly until you prove otherwise.
Take things easy  The most important thing to keep in mind is that your relationship does not progress at the same pace as one that is built every day living in the same place, so many times It will be difficult and you have to be ready.
Many times it will be difficult and you have to be ready to cope
You can not overwhelm and throw it all away, because if there is love, trust, communication, hope and hope you can get the relationship ahead, but if any of these fails is the time to rethink certain issues.
Keep your routine  It is very important for the person who stays in the same city where you have known your partner, to follow a routine, to have something to do, in this way feeling busy will give you much less importance of the one he really has. Have your head occupied with issues that have nothing to do with your relationship at a distance, especially at the beginning it will be very simple to be able to cope. But always maintaining the hope of reunion, which is the most important.

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