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How to post a payment proof?

How to post a payment proof?

1. If you have receive a payment, you can copy email message and paste it in your post. Just remove any important details such as your full name, PayPal email address, transaction numbers etc.

2. You can also post by logging in to your e-wallet like PayPal and copy transaction details then paste it in your payment proof post. Just remove any important details such as your full name, PayPal email address, transaction numbers etc.

3. Or you may have a screenshot of either your email message of payment or PayPal transaction details, but you need to edit the picture  by using a photo editor before uploading, to blurr or doodle or remove any important details such as your full name, PayPal email address, transaction numbers etc.

4. Upload your payment proof pic after editing to and copy the link to your image so that it will be visible in your posting. (Copy the link use for Forum)

5. Here's a video guide on how to use imageshack:

Note: We strictly advise that you remove any important details such as your full name, PayPal email address, transaction numbers etc. when posting your payment proof so your e-wallet account will be safe from hackers!


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Re: How to post a payment proof?

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